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Stickstay – Kids Wall Sticker – Zet the Zebra


Please read the measurements carefully

Zet the Zebra is the coolest dude on the block and one of five Savannah Friends. In case you didn’t know, their whole gang consists of Eve the elephant, Zet the zebra, Jax the giraffe, Nea the rhino and of course mighty Leo the lion! This little creature is super good-looking and sustainable like a proper wall sticker from Stickstay.

Swedish handsketched design
Lisa Flodmark from Sweden has put lot of love and inspiration into designing this wonderful wall art. All this to bring joy, magic and happiness to the little ones’ lives! The sticker design has been hand sketched. 

Important little details
Size: 21.5 cm high
Piece: 1 Animal from the Savannah
Material:  Plastic vinyl
Produced in Sweden

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Meet the Designer
Bedroom Wall Stickers for toddlers Black Dots or Spots


Stickstay is a Swedish Wallsticker brand producing a series of stickers for kids bedrooms – their selection ranges from farm friends, savannah friends, farmhouse friends, forest friest, ocean friends all the way to clouds, raindrops and balloons. Nordlife currently stocks the sky series – clouds, stars, balloons, raindrops and dots.

All of the designs are handsketched.

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