The Wild Rose Accessories Bridal Headpieces

The Wild Rose Accessories is an exclusive line of wedding hair accessories created by Swedish designer and creator Linnéa Bergqvist. Her collections are inspired by antique Edwardian tiaras and the beautiful shapes and movements of nature. Besides being a jewellery designer, Linnéa is also a wedding florist – she creates the most amazing flower arrangements and wedding decorations, so much so that if we could have those listed in our shop, we absolutely would!

Linnéa grew up in a big house in the countryside, she was always the crazy creative kid filled with endless energy – her biggest role model was her grandma, who according to Linnéa was extremely creative and could solve anything. Linnéa enjoyed growing up in the countryside where she dragged around her most loved childhood possession – a soft toy dog.

To this day Linnéa loves walking in the forest as often as possible, she says it calms her. So it is only natural that her Northern Floral collection by The Wild Rose Accessories is inspired by Swedish nature’s beautiful shapes, antique myrtle tiaras and crystals. Linnéa’s love for flowers and plants definitely shows in The Wild Rose Accessories – the bridal headpieces look so natural, with leaves hanging off the vines just like they would with real plants. Every precious little brass leaf and flower is carefully wired and arranged by hand by Linnéa in her studio. The pieces are decorated with Swarovski crystals to add a luxurious sparkle and finishing touch to the designs.

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