Mini Monkey Tail Kids Shoes

The woman behind Mini Monkeytail is the lovely and ever-so-kind Anna Hassan. Anna is one of the very first designers we crossed paths with and we couldn’t be happier for finding her and her absolutely adorable leather moccasins.

As many others, Anna started her business when she became a parent and the reason for it was simple – there just wasn’t enough stylish yet comfortable toddler’s footwear on the market. The options were extremely limited and Anna decided to try making some of her own. After a couple of tries, she successfully created exactly what she was looking for – a comfortable, functional and yet very stylish moccasin.

Before she knew it, family and friends started asking for a pair for their own little ones and a simple necessity for a pair of shoes for her son quickly turned into a full-time job.

To this day, Anna still personally designs, cuts, sews and packs all of her products, making each pair unique and truth be told – just that little bit more special.

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