Mimi Disain Estonian Kids’ Clothing

Mimi Disain is a young and exciting Estonian kids’ clothes brand and it’s run by two mums – Merilin and Irene, Irene being responsible for design and production and Merilin looking after marketing and sales. Merilin and Irene have three kids between them and of course Mimi Disain is regarded as the mutual fourth one.

Merilin and Irene were friends long before they started the business and it all actually begun out of a basic necessity: it was when they both had their first babies that they realised – finding cool clothes for their kids was actually harder than it first seemed. The biggest struggle was finding high quality and yet good looking boys’ clothes – so it wasn’t long before they started making their own.

The growth of Mimi Disain has always been a very natural one – in fact, when the girls first started they were just recycling their partner’s old jumpers and shirts and turning them into smart and definitely very unique jumpsuits for their babies Rasmus and Elisabet. But before they knew it, their friends and family all wanted one for their own kids – and just like that, a simple DIY project had grown into a thriving business.

These days they have moved on from recycling and now create brand new clothes for kids starting from newborns all the way to early teenagers. Every now and then they release an occasional dress or jumper for the mums – so they too can match the outfit of their little ones.

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