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Meet Kreativitum – run by two very creative interior designers from Sweden – Linn Johansson & Karolina Gullberg. Linn & Karolina – what a team they are! They come from a small town called Staffanstorp in Southern Sweden, they are sisters-in-law and they both studied Interior Design in Copenhagen. Furthermore, they both had their first baby last year – two lovely girls who were born only three months apart!

Linn and Karolina started Kreativitum in May 2014 while they were both studying Interior Design in Copenhagen. “We wanted to do something creative outside the studies, and then the poster idea came up. The funny thing is that the first draft of the “Berlin Underground” – a poster inspired by the Berlin Subway system – was drawn on a piece of paper on Linn’s kitchen floor and the actual poster we sell today is the exact copy of that original drawing. Little did we know – just a year later we were one of the biggest poster companies in Sweden.”

What sets them apart from other poster companies in Sweden is the fact that they don’t only stick to one style and design – their posters are great for any home as they range from subway-inspired graphics from cities around the world to wonderful quotes, calendars and kids’ posters.

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Deer Poster for Nursery or Kids Bedroom
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Kreativitum – Kids Wall Prints – Deer Poster