Homeyness – Baby Items & Nursery Decor

Homeyness is a Danish brand that creates wonderful bedding and bib and dummy holder gift sets, that are sold across Denmark and loved by many.

Homeyness was established in 2013 by Cecilie, who to this day runs the business. It all started with a homemade bed set Cecilie made for her own daughter: “It was never the idea to sell it, but when person no. 20 stopped me with my stroller and my baby bedding and asked where to buy it, I thought that there could be a market here.”

Cecilie has a marketing background and she is used to working with high-end products, which is why it is important to her that her products are more than “just” a nice print. “The materials have to be superb as well. It is all about the feeling and little details that make the difference,” she tells us.

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