Bold Tuesday World Maps

Bold Tuesday is an Estonian design duo that produces Interactive World Maps to decorate the homes of many wanderers across the world. Founded back in 2013, when Kairi and Markus were running a busy design studio in Tallinn, working around the clock. Kairi and Markus both love travelling more than anything and it was around that time that they had the idea to combine their mutual love for adventure and design and create something unique, inspirational and well thought-out that would inspire other people to travel more as well.

The duo believes that without travel, life is incomplete – they believe everyone should travel more, as the experiences we gain through seeing the world and its many wonders fulfil our lives and help us become better humans all-around.

It wasn’t until 2014 that they decided to go from Bold Tuesday being their side business to giving it their full attention and since then Bold Tuesday has really taken off. Their minimalist maps and travel posters have participated in design festivals in Milan, Helsinki, Paris and London and are now sold in over 60 shops and online stores across Europe as well as Japan and Australia. Bold Tuesday has grown so much that they have now hired a marketing manager from the US – Courtney, who has helped them take it all to a whole new level.

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