Designer Baby Bodysuits & Jumpsuits

Our beautiful range of designer baby bodysuits and jumpsuits has been selected based on high quality materials, Nordic-inspired style, and environmentally-conscious designers.

Featuring beautiful designs, comfortable and cozy fabric, plenty of diaper room and a range of colours for boys and girls, our designer baby bodysuits are built to last and look stylish.

Baby jumpsuits are perfect for bedtime and snuggling, and any other time of the day! The loose fitting cut means there is enough room for diapers and that your little one will always be comfortable wearing one of these cute designer baby jumpsuits, as there is enough room to move, twist and turn.

Our range of bodysuits and jumpsuits includes short sleeves, long sleeves, full-leg, skirts, and tank-top styles for all kinds of weather and mobility. Shop baby clothes from Wheat and more at Nordlife!

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Wheat – Baby Bodysuit Sleeveless – Sky


Wheat – Baby Bodysuit Sleeveless – Striped


Wheat – Baby Bodysuit Winnie the Pooh Long Sleeve – Powder


Wheat – Baby Dress Ada – Flintstone


Wheat – Baby Bodysuit Winnie the Pooh on Adventure Short Sleeve – Powder


Wheat – Baby Bodysuit Winnie the Pooh Sleeveless – Sky


Konges Slojd – Baby Bodysuit – Cherry


Konges Slojd – Baby Bodysuit – Lemon


Konges Slojd – Baby Bodysuit – Parachute


Konges Slojd – Baby Onesie – Cherry


Konges Slojd – Baby Onesie – Lemon


Konges Slojd – Baby Onesie – Parachute


Konges Slojd – Bodysuit – Cherry


Konges Slojd – Bodysuit – Parachute


Konges Slojd – Hygsoft Onesie – Cherry


Konges Slojd – Hygsoft Onesie – Lemon