Our Baby & Toddler swings can be used both indoors and outdoors, they can be installed either permanently or temporarily and they are sure to bring joy to babies and toddlers alike.

3 different ways to hang your baby and toddler swing

The swing comes with carabiners/snap hooks that can be attached to any existing eyebolt, metal ring or other permanent fixture. This means you have a few options for setting up the swing, you can either:

1. Attach the swing to an existing swing set using the carabiners (nothing else needed)

2. Temporarily setup with swing straps or a combination of the swing rope and carabiners/snap hooks to temporarily fix the swing anywhere you like

3.  Permanently install your swing using a pair of eyehooks

Each of these options will be further described below. Whether you opt for a permanent or temporary fixture of your new baby and toddler swing, the swing itself can be removed from it’s “dock” in all of the scenarios within seconds.


1. Attach the swing to an existing swing set

The swing comes with carabiners which can be attached to any securely fixed bolt, hook or ring and are easily removed once finished using. It only takes a second to install the swing at an existing swing set.


2. Temporary setup with swing straps – take the swing anywhere you go!

If you prefer not to install the swing permanently, swing straps are the perfect solution for temporary installation – plus, you can take the swing with you anywhere you go! The swing straps allow the swing to be installed without using any bolts, tools, screwing and unscrewing. You simply wrap the straps around a tree branch, the frame of a playground swing set, a beam on your terrace or porch, or anywhere you want really!

Swing Straps for easy temporary instalment – can be purchased separately (Images on the left).

You can also use the swing rope and carabiner/snap hook (included with your swing purchase) to temporarily secure the swing to a tree branch, beam, etc. Please note that this will speed up the deterioration of the rope and shouldn’t be used for permanent fixing.

Carabiner/snap hook secured under a knot in the rope if no swing straps at hand (Images on the right).


3. Permanent installation using hardware

To create a semi-permanent dock in your house or backyard, all you need is a pair of eyehooks that can be purchased from any hardware store.  This is what we refer to as the “permanent” fixture (but even this can be removed!)

If you would like to install the swing permanently in your house or backyard, it will have to be attached to a stronger beam – like a wooden doorway, ceiling joists, or the top beam of a swing set/play set.

For example, indoors, the swing can be installed in a doorway and with the use of carabiners, the swing can be easily removed when not in use so it won’t affect the everyday use of the doorway.




Even the permanent options can be removed

Although we refer to Option 3 as our “permanent” fixture solution, the eye bolts can be removed when moving house or when the kids grow up. The eye bolts can easily be unscrewed and the holes simply filled with wood filler, that can be purchased from any hardware store.


The baby and toddler swings are only intended for domestic use.

All fixtures

  • Must be assembled/installed by an adult. Do not use the equipment until properly installed.
  • Make sure the swing has enough space for it to move freely.
  • To adjust the height of the swing you can tie in a few knots in each of the ropes.

For permanent fixtures

  • Install the eye bolts in a strong, secure structure
  • Make sure to have the fixtures wider apart than the swing itself – this will make it swing straight.
  • The eye bolts or the rings should be facing forward so the carabiners roll in the ring instead of grinding
  • Suitable height from the ground: the feet of the child should not touch the ground


1. Always use under adult supervision. Do not leave your child unattended
2. Check the ropes, knots and attachments regularly for evidence of deterioration and replace parts if needed. The sun gradually breaks down the fiber in all robe and fabric. Do not use the swing if in doubt.
3. A safety surface under the swing – on the floor or ground – is recommended
4. Do not let the child eat or drink while using the swing
5. To reduce the likelihood of injury, the children must be instructed:

─ not to walk or play close to, in front of or behind a moving swing,
─ not to twist swing ropes
─ not to attach items to the swing or its support structure, such as ropes, cables etc., as children can get entrapped in these.