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How to make your Emi Wet Wipes Cover multifunctional

Struggling with squeezing the plastic lid of your wet wipe pack through the opening of the Liewood wet wipe cover?

Use this cool trick instead:

– pop the wet wipe pack in the Liewood cover upside down – i.e with the lid facing the bottom
– Use a knife to cut an opening into your pack of wet wipes through the top of the cover

And that’s it! Now you can use your wet wipe cover both ways – pull the wipes out seamlessly from the top or use the bottom lid to use the pack in the traditional way.

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Looking for Finnish Brands and Designers

Do you know any awesome Finnish Brands that you think should be sold in our shop in Australia?

We are after awesome brands and designers that make kids & nursery items, sell homeware and decor, produce gifts – the list goes on. If you know someone that should definitely be on this list, just let us know.

It’s easy to get the ball rolling – Just tag your favourite business on our Instagram or Facebook or get in touch through here. 

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Stay Healthy the Scandinavian Way

In 2016, Scandinavian countries (including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland) ranked in the top 10 countries when it came to happiness. People within these societies were found to be more generous, healthy, and social. There are many ways Australians can improve their happiness and wellbeing by implementing Scandinavians practices into their daily lives.

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Buyer’s Guide: GOTS, Ecolabels and Sustainable Production

It is very important to us to do everything we can to help preserve this lovely planet we live on, to support the people who do the hard work and to promote the sustainable and fair way of living and manufacturing.

In this blog post we would like to introduce you to some of the organic certifications you can see in our shop and on the products we sell.

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