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How to make your Emi Wet Wipes Cover multifunctional

Struggling with squeezing the plastic lid of your wet wipe pack through the opening of the Liewood wet wipe cover?

Use this cool trick instead:

– pop the wet wipe pack in the Liewood cover upside down – i.e with the lid facing the bottom
– Use a knife to cut an opening into your pack of wet wipes through the top of the cover

And that’s it! Now you can use your wet wipe cover both ways – pull the wipes out seamlessly from the top or use the bottom lid to use the pack in the traditional way.

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How to Clean and Protect Your Leather Moccasins

Wondering how to best take care of your kids’ leather moccasins? You are on the right track here – leather shoes require different care than regular kids’ shoes and that is why we decided to put together this guide. Here you will find a few tips and tricks to help you retain the beauty and quality of your leather baby moccasins just that little bit longer.

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