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It’s been a few months since we started stocking Byel’s line of baby and toddler swings and they’ve been a huge hit with our customers! These Scandinavian-style baby swings are truly where high-quality design meets pure joy. Not only are they soothing and fun for your little one, they have a modern and elegant look aesthetic that compliments any interior design scheme. The fabric on these darling canvas baby swings is made up of an all-organic cotton and linen blend, which, combined with the natural wood and rope pieces, gives it a lovely earthy look.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing one of these fabulous kids swings, this article will give you a little run down of the benefits they provide, design options to choose from, and the awesome company that makes them. Enjoy!

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Benefits of Byel baby swings

There are so many benefits to having one of these Scandinavian-style baby swings in your home. Here are four of the top reasons we’re in love with Byel’s stunning line of designer baby swings:

1. Comfort

Baby swings are great for calming and soothing fussy babies. Byel’s baby and toddler swings have a supportive structure with padding and a soft canvas fabric made from natural fibres, making them ultra-soft, comfortable and cosy.  Byel’s cradle swing is slightly reclined with adjustable angles so your baby can even peacefully transition into nap time or bedtime.

2. Simplicity

Many baby and toddler swings on the market today come complete with mini speakers, side-to-side movements, light projectors – you name it! According to experts, all of these extra bits and bobs aren’t necessarily better for baby and some may in fact be harmful for your little one’s development. Babies actually respond Byel nursery swings forgo all the bells and whistles, adhering to a simple, elegant design that your little one can enjoy without getting overstimulated. Less is more when it comes to these Scandinavian-style designer baby swings!

3. Entertainment

Nothing beats witnessing the pure joy on your child’s face when they have their first swing! Byel’s baby and toddler swings have the ability to entertain your little one for hours. The entertainment that baby and toddler swings provide little ones is especially beneficial for mum and dad when preparing dinner or checking things off the to-do list! (*Keep in mind that children should be supervised at all times when in their nursery swing).

4. Colic Relief

In addition to their simplistic design and comfort and entertainment benefits, Byel baby swings can actually be really useful for relieving colic and upset stomach conditions in babies. The gentle swinging motion of the baby swing settles and soothes colicky and upset tummies. If you’re little one is experiencing discomfort from colic, simply pop them in their baby swing and their upset tummy will be relieved in no time!

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Nordlife’s Nursery Swings

We’re delighted to be the exclusive Australian distributor of Byel’s gorgeous designer kids swings. Byel’s toddler and baby swings come in a wide range of adorable prints and colours – you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your interior design scheme. Each nursery swing package includes ropes, a supportive back cushion, and two carabiners. We love that these baby swings can be installed both indoors and outdoors, with options for temporary installation as well as permanent fixtures. For more information on the various ways to install your baby swing indoors or outdoors, check out our blog post “How to Install your Baby Swing”.


Baby Cradle Swing

The baby cradle swing is great for young babies and makes a perfect addition to any nursery, baby bedroom or living room. The fabric swing is slightly reclined, providing ample support for babies who can’t quite sit up on their own yet. The reclined angle of the cradle swing allows your little one to be peacefully rocked into a calmed state! The cradle swing ropes are adjustable so you can modify the angle of the swing as your little one grows.

The baby swing cradle is available in white and natural.

White Cradle Swing

Byel’s baby swing cradle in white brings a simple and fresh look to any room. White is a great choice as it pretty much goes with anything!

Baby in byel cradle swing in white

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Natural Cradle Swing

We love the modern and natural look of this neutral-toned baby swing cradle. This baby swing is great if you have a neutral palette in your nursery or home interior design scheme.

Byel Baby Swing Natural

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Baby & Toddler Swing

This Byel swing is great for slightly older babies and toddlers. This baby/toddler swing has a more upright position compared to the cradle swing and is all about fun and entertainment – right down to the charming colours it comes in like mustard and pink! Both the hanging ropes and the canvas swing itself are made from sustainable, high-quality organic cotton. The toddler swing also comes with an additional back cushion for extra comfort and support.

This adorable kids’ swing comes in an array of beautiful colours and fun options for decorative back cushions!

Byel baby swing in white natural black petroleum mustard and pinkWhite Toddler Swing

Going for a modern and fresh look in your bubba’s room? The white toddler swing will fit right in!





Natural Toddler Swing

Byel’s environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices are exemplified in the earthy look of this baby and toddler swing in ‘natural’.




Black Toddler Swing

We love the contrast of the black canvas on this toddler swing with the lighter natural wood pieces – très chic!





Petroleum Blue Toddler Swing

This petroleum blue colour is one of our favourites. It’s has a calming effect and a lovely modern look to it.




Mustard Toddler Swing

Add a little vibrancy and a splash of colour to the nursery with this darling mustard coloured baby swing. It’s sure to brighten up any room!



Pink Toddler Swing

You can never have too much pink! Bring a little warmth to the room with this soft pink coloured canvas swing.



Decorative baby swing cushions

Customise your baby or toddler swing with some of these fun decorative cushions which come in a variety of delightful prints. Choose from: triangles, pink triangles, splashes, or squares!




Bunny Cushion: Hop hop hop! We love how the bunny ears on this cushion pop up over the baby swing – simply adorable!




Cat Cushion: A kitty cat cushion with little kitten ears is the perfect addition to your baby or toddler swing.




Teddy Cushion: Is there anything cuter or cuddlier than a teddy bear? Add a little extra cuteness to your baby swing with this teddy cushion.




Square Cushion: Customise your fabric swing with this fun patterned square cushion in one of Byel’s darling prints.




About Byel

Byel is an Estonian company formed in 2017 with the mission to create beautiful, sustainable, handmade baby and toddler swings. With a focus on sustainability, Byel employs environmentally-friendly and socially sustainable practices in all aspects of their manufacturing and production. Each baby swing is hand crafted using natural, environmentally-friendly and high-quality materials – from the natural wood pieces of the swing’s base to the 100% organic cotton-linen blend fabric. You can rest assured knowing that your baby swing is not only good for your baby, but also good for the planet.

We hope you enjoyed this little inside look at Byel’s wonderful Scandinavian-style baby and toddler swings – where design meets joy. Having a baby swing or toddler swing in your home will not only enhance your interior design, but also bring immense joy to both you and your little one.

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