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Sippy to straws: our Liewood cup comparison

You may be on autopilot when you reach for your morning coffee but for our little ones, drinking from a cup is a whole new adventure!

Lucky for you, Nordlife stocks Liewood’s superior range of silicone baby cups to suit kids big and small. The best part? All Liewood silicone is BPA free, food grade and microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe.

But where to start! From sippy spouts to open cups, the world of starting solids and drinks can be daunting enough. Read on below for our comprehensive breakdown to find the one (or all four) best suited to your family.

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The secret ingredient in Nordlife’s new earth-friendly tableware: plants

We’ve all tried sneaking vegetables into our kids’ Bolognese (not always successfully). But it isn’t just the foods our families eat that’s important – it’s the plates and bowls they eat it off too.

With awareness for sustainable products on the rise, Nordlife is excited to announce that our bestselling brand Liewood has created a new generation of tableware made entirely from PLA or ‘bioplastics’.

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Nordlife Life Hack: How to Clean Your Silicone Tableware of Smells & Odours 

We love kids’ silicone tableware for so many reasons – it’s non-toxic, dishwasher-safe, and virtually indestructible (aka toddler-proof). High quality silicone tableware can last for years, but when used for more pungent foods like onions and garlic, you might notice some lingering scents over time.

Wondering how to properly “deep clean” your silicone tableware and remove those pesky odours? You’re not alone! It’s a common practice in commercial kitchens to regularly “bake” their silicone spatulas to remove any smells of garlic, strong marinades, onions and sometimes even the dishwashing detergent.

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Nordlife’s Comprehensive Guide to Baby & Kids Backpacks

Whether your little one is about to begin daycare, another school year or just has an affinity for bringing their entire playroom along on an outing, a great backpack is key. But before ‘adding to cart’, consider these things:

  • Climate and clothing: from Far North Queensland to the Tassie Coast, Australia’s climate varies massively – as will your child’s wardrobe. Think about whether you’ll need to pack a few extra layers, or just a lightweight change of clothes for daycare.

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How to make your Emi Wet Wipes Cover multifunctional

Struggling with squeezing the plastic lid of your wet wipe pack through the opening of the Liewood wet wipe cover?

Use this cool trick instead:

– pop the wet wipe pack in the Liewood cover upside down – i.e with the lid facing the bottom
– Use a knife to cut an opening into your pack of wet wipes through the top of the cover

And that’s it! Now you can use your wet wipe cover both ways – pull the wipes out seamlessly from the top or use the bottom lid to use the pack in the traditional way.

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Pink and white nursery room with cot and shelving
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Miss A’s Nursery Reveal featuring the Cam Cam Copenhagen range – by Belle Abode

Today we’d like you to introduce you to Youla, the blogger & Instagrammer also known as Belle Abode – a mother of 3, a home decor enthusiast & an nursery organiser extraordinaire!

Everything in Youla’s home exudes Hamptons and the room for her third baby is no different. For Little Miss A’s room Youla chose some products from our range and today, we are happy to share the final outcome with you.

The main design direction Youla wanted to take with this nursery besides being Hamptons inspired, was to create a space that is whimsical, white and very girly.

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Changing table and changing mat on top with nursery wall print and light blue balloon wall stickers above it
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Amanda’s New Nursery for her Baby Boy

In addition to often being tagged on our customer’s photos on Instagram we are also get so many emails and DMs with photos of brand new nurseries and even brand new babies! Definitely best part of this gig! Starting this month, we have decided to share a new nursery or similar from our community with you every month (with the permission of the author’s of course!)

This month’s beautiful nursery comes from Amanda who prepared all this for his little baby boy.

Amanda has decorated the walls of her new nursery with two Linn Wold posters from our store as well as 2 sets of Stickstay wall stickers.

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Three cat shaped silicone divided plates lined up with two cat shaped silicone baby teether underneath them
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Super Practical Divided Plates for Babies & Toddlers

Some kids don’t like broccoli and some kids don’t like carrots, but some kids… don’t like their carrots touching their broccoli! Yup, true story. So what do you do? Enter – The Divided Plate! 

We currently stock two types of Divided Plates – the silicone divided plate and the bamboo divided plate. Let’s take a closer look at both below. 

Bamboo Divided Plates Shaped like Animals

The bamboo divided plate is actually part of a bigger tableware set called the Jules Dinner Set. The bamboo plate box set contains one large divided plate, one bowl, one drinking cup and one spoon.

This divided bamboo plate set is one of the latest additions to the Liewood family and it comes in 2 different shapes and 4 different colours.

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Waterproof & Easy to care for Baby Bibs

Our Baby Bib range consists of bibs for two separate purposes – we have a variety of feeding bibs made of silicone and other materials that are perfect for starting solid foods & learning to eat; as well as a range of dribble and bandana bibs made of organic cotton for the teething babies. In this article below, we will introduce you to our amazing range of feeding bibs.

Silicone Baby Bibs

Liewood silicone bibs are super practical, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The bibs are made from 100% LFGB approved food-grade silicone & they are completely free of nasty chemicals. No BPA or phthalates in sight! 

The bib has a deep spill pocket to catch any spillage & food that doesn’t make it into your child’s mouth. The bibs are made of comfortable & flexible silicone, that is easily adjustable and have a safe fastening feature. They rounded neckband provides a snug, yet comfy fit. 

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Silicone Spoons for Babies & Toddlers

Gentle silicone spoons for sensitive gums

Once your baby is around 6 months old, it is time to introduce them to solid foods. There is lot to research and discover in terms of food choices, quantities and timing, but there is also the matter of getting the right tools for the job – your tableware and cutlery. Here’s where Liewood silicone spoons come in.

Liewood’s silicone spoons are perfect for when your baby finally starts exploring food other than the one that comes from a bottle or their almighty mumma.

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