Baby with dusty rose swan cuddle cloth
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Baby Comforter

Baby Comforters to the Rescue: Finding the Perfect Security Blanket for Your Little One

Around about seven months (or even earlier), babies begin to develop separation anxiety from their parents. Although this stage doesn’t last forever, it can prove challenging especially when transitioning to sleeping solo and when mum and dad’s paternal leave comes to an end and they have to return to work. Introducing a comfort item to your child soon after three months of age is a great tool to help combat separation anxiety and promote self-soothing and independence. Security blankets are tried and true tools for creating comfort and promoting confidence in your little one.

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Dusty mint hooded baby towel folded on nursery chair
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Baby Towels, Liewood

Baby Bath Time Essentials: Hooded Towels

Header image via @aneljoy

Ahh the ritual of baby bath time – splashing, toys floating everywhere, trying to get that perfect water temperature, and a slippery, squirming and possibly screaming little one – what could be more relaxing? Whether you’re still practicing the art of bathing your baby, or a seasoned pro, we have an essential item to add to your bath time routine that will make your life so much easier – hooded towels for kids!

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Kids plates and tableware made of bamboo - plates, cups, spoons, bottles etc
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Dinnerware, Liewood

Four Reasons Why We Love Bamboo Kids’ Plates and Tableware Sets

When it comes to feeding our little loves, we are constantly asking ourselves “what is on my child’s plate?” – Is it nutritious? Is it a choking hazard? Is it organic? But many of us rarely ask “what is my child’s plate made of?”.

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2 kids with Liewood panda bathrobes
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Denmark, Liewood, Sustainable production

Brand Spotlight: Liewood

It’s been a while since we’ve shined the spotlight on one of our brands, so this week we’re highlighting the newest addition to the Nordlife family – Liewood! Liewood marries Danish minimalism with practicality and function to bring you high quality kids products that make your everyday life a bit more stylish. We’re all about the clean aesthetic, impeccable craftsmanship and high-quality materials of Nordic design here at Nordlife (hence our name!), and Liewood ticks every box on our brand checklist.

You’ve probably seen us gushing over their beautiful products on Instagram, but if not, we’re here to fill you in on why we love them so much! In this blog post, we’ll fill you in about the amazing company that is Liewood and introduce some of their awesome products now available at Nordlife to help you get your wish list going!

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Ocean baby changing mat with matching travel change mat and wet wipe cover
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Baby Changing Mats

Changing Table Styling with Cam Cam Change Mats

During the ‘nesting phase’, it’s only natural for expecting parents to focus their design efforts on the ‘pretty’ parts of the nursery… Garlands, canopies, wall prints and baby bedding are typically at the forefront for most new parents. The changing table probably isn’t the first thing you jump to decorate but we’re here to tell you otherwise!

We’ve got some styling inspo along with a run down on our favourite change mats by Cam Cam Copenhagen to help you get just as jazzed about the changing table as you are about that heirloom rocking chair!

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wooden teething rings for babies
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Wooden Teething Rings

Benefits of All-Natural Wooden Teething Rings

Teething can start anywhere between 4 months and 10 months – and you’ll definitely know once it’s started! Excessive crying, red and swollen gums, crankiness, loss of appetite, flushed cheeks… Our poor little ones become subject to so much discomfort and irritation during this painful little stage of their young lives. Luckily, we’re equipped with teething rings that can do wonders to help babies’ pain and discomfort during teething.

There are plenty of baby teethers on the market, but many contain plastics, BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals that we certainly don’t want in our young one’s mouths! If you’re currently going through teething woes with your baby, we wanted to shed some light on one kind of teething ring that is both effective and safe – wooden teething rings!

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Harlequin dolls bed in white in girls bedroom
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Cam Cam Copenhagen, Doll accessories, Doll bed, Gifts

Christmas 2018 #1 Wish List Item: Scandinavian-Style Doll Beds

Header image via @urkis

We’ve got something that will be on every doll-lover’s Christmas wish list this year – wooden harlequin doll’s beds by Cam Cam Copenhagen! These amazing doll beds are perfect for any little one that loves playing house with their favourite little baby doll or teddy bear. Plus, they make for beautiful nursery decor and can be coordinated with a range of complimentary Cam Cam products. Just imagine your child waking up to this stunning doll bed on Christmas morning – what a treat!

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Baby swaddled in organic muslin wrap
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Muslins, Uncategorized

3 Kinds of Baby Muslin Wraps to Stock Your Nursery With

Header image via @anna_barbara_g

Ah, magical muslins – what would we do without them?! Soft, natural and versatile, baby muslin wraps are an absolute go-to for just about everything when you have a little one. Trust us – if you are expecting, you’re going to want to stock up on these amazing muslin cloths.

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Cam Cam Copenhagen portable travel changing pads
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Cam Cam Copenhagen, New Products, Travel changing mats

Cam Cam Portable Changing Mat: Your New Baby Travel Essential

Changing diapers can be one of the most dreaded things whilst travelling with a little one in tow. And surely every first-time parent that flies with a baby is greeted with the unexpected and surprising fact that most airplanes don’t have changing tables! Parents, we feel your pain and we’re here to help make traveling with a baby a little bit easier with theses amazing new travel changing pads by Cam Cam Copenhagen.

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