BIBS Dummies


BIBS is a premium Danish baby brand which was established in the 1970’s. Its initial focus was on pacifiers, which has remained the same over time. BIBS pacifiers have been refined over several decades and they always keep striving for excellence.

Focus in 2021 is still on by now world renown dummies, and continuing to build up their baby products range.

Right from the beginning, BIBS’ ambition has been to produce high quality products made from the best possible material available. All whilst ensuring an aesthetically pleasing design.

With the highest regard for functionality and safety, their wide range of products help to make a colourful universe.

This classic dummy is always a popular choice with both the experienced parents as well as the first time mums and dads and due to the popularity of the design across the world, this gorgeous dummy is currently being made in 50 different colour variations. Bibs colours ensure that there is something for every taste. They believe that personal expression is the key.

BIBS Colour dummies have been designed to imitate the shape of a mother’s breast and are often recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding. The dummies have a cherry shaped teat that is just the right length and size to be as similar to the real nipple as possible. In addition, the lightweight round shield is designed to face away from the breast to allow a maximum supply of air to the sensitive skin around your baby’s mouth.

Every product is carefully designed and manufactured at their own production factory in Hillerød, Denmark, where they use the latest technology and production lines to produce products with energy saving equipment.

About BIBS

BIBS is a visionary company with a creative and progressive mindset.  They are a company with high standards for quality and uniqueness in everything they do. These values make them a premium choice brand for babies dummies around the world. BIBS aims to be a go-to place for parents across the world for premium choice baby products. Quality, safety, design and colours is the very DNA of BIBS.

BIBS Dummies

BIBS is highly committed to minimising their impact to the environment. BIBS provides you with complete assortment of colourful high quality pacifiers and other baby products. BIBS is a Danish company with Scandinavian design values and it was established in the 1970’s.

BIBS produces pacifiers in 4 different designs: BIBS Colour, BIBS Couture, BIBS De Lux and BIBS Supreme. These 4 types of pacifiers have 3 different types of nipples, which come in either natural rubber, latex or silicone.

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